BATMThree XXXL Bitcoin ATM

Brand new model BATMThree XXXL

25 Nov 2019

As of today, we have released the latest addition to the popular range of the BATMThree series Bitcoin ATM. The BATMThree XXXL is a two-way (BUY&SELL) ATM model that features a cash-recycler with a 1200 bills input + 2x60 bills recycled/output capacity, an expandable banknote dispenser with 1000 banknotes capacity, (2x500 bills output) an NFC wallet card dispenser and a code-lock safe.

Like the new upgraded XXL model, the new XXXL model also allows you to extend the capacity of your bill acceptor to a maximum of 6 dispensers for a whopping 6000 banknotes (!) bill dispenser capacity and has the same signature BATMThree look that comes with the popular neon bezel that will attract business like moths to a lightbulb.

For more information visit the BATMThree Bitcoin ATM product page

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