Behind the Scenes: The GBDays 2024 Customer Summit

Behind the Scenes: The GBDays 2024 Customer Summit
We recently hosted our first-ever customer event at our headquarters in Prague. The week-long program was packed with many activities: an educational track, meetups with our departments, office tours, entertainment, team building, and the epic ending with the BTC Prague conference. At GBDays, we introduced several product releases and shared our roadmap for the coming months. We also covered topics like creating extensions for CAS and cybersecurity reinforcements. Business and technical leaders alike found the event engaging. Let's unveil these and other points in this article!
19 Jun 2024

Our long-held idea has finally become a reality, and we're delighted with how well it has turned out. While we interact with some of our customers at Bitcoin events worldwide and occasionally welcome visitors to our office, none of these experiences compare to the gathering we recently hosted at our Prague headquarters. This event provided a much closer and more personal interaction with our customers than ever before. The event also functioned as a global forum for Bitcoin ATM operators. It offered opportunities to exchange knowledge, explore potential collaborations across different markets, and engage in friendly competition. The week-long gathering included diverse experiences, notably BTC Prague, now Europe's most prominent Bitcoin conference.

What are GBDays?

It is a summit where Bitcoin ATM operators using products made by GENERAL BYTES can visit our Prague headquarters to gather new knowledge and exchange useful experiences and insights into the future of the crypto kiosk industry. The event is conducted in a spirit of mutual respect and friendly rivalry, where all players pursue similar goals. It's a whole week where studying, networking, meetups, entertainment, and even the biggest Bitcoin conference in Europe intersect and complement each other.

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2024 premiere event

The first-ever event, held from June 11-15, 2024, made quite a buzz. We welcomed 35 participants, including our major customers from around the world. The 5-day program included:

— Welcome reception with drinks, snacks, and informal networking

— CAS Extension training, led by founder & CTO Karel Kyovsky, with individual assistance available

— Lunch meeting sessions for three days in a row with various GB departments (hardware, software, support, sales, and management)

— Tours of our Prague headquarters

— Exclusive preview of future hardware & software releases, including:

  • GBSafeOne Product DEMO
  • BATMFour hardware update
  • BATM UI Facelift
  • Bitcoin ATM locator made by GB
  • CAS enhancements, including some novelties like Automated Terminal Testing Tool (ATTT), CAS UI Facelift, Dynamic AML, and CAS enterprise (all these novelties will be presented to our operators during upcoming months)

— Review of upcoming crypto regulations like AMLD6, MiCA DORA, and Travel Rule

— WhaleBooks training with product updates demonstration

— Cyber Security Training for Bitcoin ATM operators, where we again reviewed and reinforced best practices for securing and protecting their operations. We also invited the Citadelo security company to present their services.


— Entertainment activities:

  • Vltava River Cruise Afterparty
  • Prague city tours
  • Visit to the Czech Republic's largest brewery in Plzen
  • Hot-air balloon flights over Karlštejn Castle
  • Team-building event TEPfactor similar to Fort Boyard-style challenge

Additionally, participants had opportunities to attend side events, meetups, and parties associated with the BTC Prague conference. Set against the backdrop of Prague's summer beauty, the week created lasting memories for all participants.

Have a look at the photo gallery:

We're thrilled with how the event turned out and truly appreciate all the representatives joining us for the first-ever GBDays. GB is considering making this a regular gathering and looking forward to the next, even more epic one! Consider 17-21 June 2025 as the following dates of the GBDays event.

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