GBSafeOne Smart Safe Premiere At ATMIA 2024

GBSafeOne Smart Safe Premiere At ATMIA 2024

GENERAL BYTES, a top Bitcoin ATM producer, joined ATMIA's conference, a hub for ATM innovation. Our team showcased Bitcoin ATM solutions and the new smart safe GBSafeOne, captivating industry leaders and professionals.

19 Feb 2024

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. ATMIA Conference, February 14 - 16, 2024: For the first time, GENERAL BYTES participated in the conference held by the ATM Industry Association. ATMIA is the leading non-profit trade association representing the entire global ATM industry. It stands out as a beacon for innovation, gathering the brightest minds and the most forward-thinking companies from the field. Among them, GENERAL BYTES, a leader in cryptocurrency ATM solutions, has captivated the attention of industry leaders and professionals with its Bitcoin ATM solutions and new smart safe GBSafeOne.

GENERAL BYTES team at ATMIA 2024 conference

ATMIA Conference

Held in Las Vegas, the conference offered a platform for an in-depth discussion on the future of ATMs, with a particular focus on security, innovation, and regulatory compliance. It's worth noting that more of the focus at this annual event is on cryptocurrency and how it is changing the ATM industry.

GBSafe: A New Product Our Customers Need

Amidst the buzz of new technologies and upgrades, we introduced our new product, GBSafeOne. Designed to meet the growing needs of the cryptocurrency market (and others as well), GBSafe represents a significant step forward in security, regulatory compliance, and how companies handle cash deposits.

GBSafeOne at ATMIA conference 2024

GBSafeOne's Highlighted Capabilities:

  • Enhanced Security: The primary function of a GBSafeOne is to secure cash. Sturdy physical corpus and advanced locking mechanisms, including tampering alerts, significantly reduce theft risk.

  • Automated Cash Management: Smart Safes are equipped with counterfeit detection and can automatically count, validate, and record cash deposits. This automation reduces human error, ensures accuracy in cash handling, and saves valuable time for employees, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: Connectivity features allow business owners and managers to monitor cash deposits remotely in real-time. This assists in making informed decisions regarding cash flow and banking needs and provides a clear audit trail for every transaction, enhancing transparency and accountability.

  • CIT (Cash-in-Transit) Efficiency: Integration with CIT services means that pickups can be scheduled based on actual needs, reducing the cost and enhancing the efficiency of cash logistics. This integration often expedites banking processes, as the cash is counted, validated, and accounted for upon pickup.

  • Compliance and Documentation: For businesses operating in highly regulated environments, GBSafe assists in maintaining compliance with cash handling procedures and regulatory guidelines, providing easy access to detailed transaction records for auditing and reporting purposes.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: By automating a significant part of the cash handling process, businesses can streamline their operations and potentially reduce the labor hours allocated to manual cash management tasks.

  • Customer Experience: In specific settings, such as retail, using GBSafes can indirectly enhance the customer experience by ensuring transactions are quick and accurate, reducing queues, and allowing staff to focus more on customer service rather than back-office tasks.

  • Scalable Solution for Cryptocurrency ATMs: GBSafeOne offers a scalable solution to secure and streamline cash deposits across different locations.

GBSafeOne Product Page

The Industry's Response

Our cash-handling device sparked enthusiasm among conference attendees. Industry experts praised GB for our innovative approach to addressing some of the sector's most pressing concerns today. Securing new contracts and reconnecting with current clients at the convention also added to the great vibe!



Looking Ahead

Reiterating its commitment to innovation, GENERAL BYTES set a new benchmark for the cryptocurrency industry with the launch of GBSafe. This unparalleled product has no analogs in the field, enabling operators to utilize large cash deposits for crypto transactions. As the company prepares for GBSafe's rollout, the ATM sector eagerly anticipates its impact on the future of cryptocurrency transactions.

In an ever-changing industry, one thing remains certain: GENERAL BYTES leads the way, offering solutions that not only keep pace but set the pace. And the best is still to come!

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