Get your answers to the most common questions about our GENERAL BYTES Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATMs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bitcoin ATMs and GENERAL BYTES

Basic information

A Bitcoin ATM or a BATM is a kiosk that allows customers to make cryptocurrency transactions very simply and quickly. Give your customers the best possible user experience. With our machines, it was never easier to offer buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

A one-way or unidirectional BATM only allows you to buy crypto (cash-to-crypto). At the same time, a two-way or bidirectional BATM will enable you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies (cash-to-crypto and crypto-to-cash). Currently, GENERAL BYTES has two one-way machines, BATMTwo and BATMTwoPro, and three types of 2-way platforms — BATMTwoUltra, BATMThree, and BATMFour.

At the moment, most of our BATM models only work with cash. Our BATMFour model now supports debit/credit card readers. Each ATM operator has to independently obtain the necessary license and agreement with Worldline to start such operations.

Depending on the regulations in the country where you would like to operate the machine, you must connect a supported Exchange and/or Hot Wallet service to our CAS. There are several sales strategies available. For example, when a customer purchases cryptocurrency from your BATM, the purchased value will be sent from your connected Hot Wallet to the address provided by the customer. After the transaction is successfully finished, our CAS will buy back the value of the transaction from the connected Exchange service to your Hot Wallet, so it is automatically topped up with the same value. Thanks to this unique feature you don't have to worry about volatility risks.

The Operator may set various generic limits for their customers. These limits can be set by Identity (for individual customers) and Location. The cash input capacity could also limit them.


To operate your BATM, you have to connect it to the Crypto Application Server (CAS) hosted on your side.

The Crypto Application Server is a powerful and easy browser-based management tool for your entire BATM fleet. It supports almost all cryptocurrencies, rate sources, discount coupons, user management, AML+KYC, and many more right out of the box. These features make it the most flexible cryptocurrency ATM platform globally, and development is ongoing every day.

You can utilize a standalone CAS (crypto application server). You will be responsible for selecting hardware, installation, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. On the webpage, you can choose the license that suits you best. We charge a maximum of 0.25% of all cash transactions. The standalone CAS must be installed on an up-to-date Linux Ubuntu operating system server.

No, the CAS software is only available in combination with the purchase of a BATM, and it is only compatible with machines from GENERAL BYTES.

You will receive new software updates frequently, so your system is always up to date. Machine updates are also provided regularly.

We support more than 60 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and many more. If you would like to know if a specific cryptocurrency is supported, please contact us. You can even add your own cryptocurrency based on ERC20/TRC20 to our GitHub project through a Pull Request.

We support most of the world's fiat money. You can also accept multiple currencies simultaneously for the cash input (cash-to-crypto).

We support most languages around the world. If you’d like to add a new language, request a translation file from us. 

We support the Exchanges Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitpanda, and many more. Please visit the entire list of supported exchanges.

We cannot recommend any Exchange, for it's impossible to predict your specific region, risk tolerance, credit history, and business style. These decisions are part of your legal work before running your BATM business.

We support the following wallets: Block.io, Coinbase.com, Bitcoind/Bitcoin Core, Litecoind, Dogecoind, Bitcore, and many more. Please ask our support team for the entire list.


Yes, you can always set your desired configuration before purchasing the machine. For example, cash input and cash output capacity. Cash Recycler option and much more.

Yes, after you receive the machine, you can wrap it. You can also upload your wallpapers, logos, and screensavers to the UI. Other white-label options are built into CAS software, such as adding your color scheme.

Yes, you can configure your BATMThree and BATMFour with this feature before purchasing. The NFC feature enables the ATM to dispense NFC NTAG216 cards to customers. NFC cards hold private keys and are an excellent tool for storing coins without needing a mobile phone.

The input capacity is the maximum number of banknotes the BATM can receive from the customer. When buying the machine, you can set your desired banknote capacity:

  • Up to 600 or 1200 notes for the BATMTwo and BATMTwoPro
  • The BATMTwoUltra, the most compact two-way Bitcoin ATM, supports up to 1,400 banknotes!
  • The BATMThree offers an input capacity of up to 2,200 notes
  • The BATMFour supports an input capacity of up to 2,000 banknotes
  • Additional cash boxes are also available on our Accessories page.

Having a BATM with a printer allows customers to print receipts or paper wallets. Sometimes, the cash collection company may also require a printer to print the contents of the cash box when picking up the cash.

  • The BATMTwo doesn't have an integrated printer, but you can bolt it to the floor with a Stand with a printer.
  • Before buying, you can customize your BATMTwoPro and select the option with or without a printer.
  • The models BATMThree and BATMFour have an incorporated thermal printer.

Our customers have two options for the security level of their BATMs: Standard Security Level or Higher Security Level.

  • Standard Security Level. We recommend this option for a safe indoor CCTV-covered location but only to operators who may be willing to take a minimum risk. Recommended model: BATMTwo
  • Higher Security Level. The cash inside the machine will be in an additional safe vault accessible only via a code lock. If you plan to use a cash collection company, you should use this option. Recommended models are BATMTwoPro and BATMFour.

Yes, we do. You can secure your BATM with an auditable lock. Supported locks are the A-Series 61xx and 31xx from Sargent & Greenleaf.

The best option is to use an Ethernet connection (1000Mbit) for a better and faster connection. You can connect your BATM to the network through WiFi (2,4GHz/5GHz). Please always use a dedicated channel for the BATM, and don't use both options simultaneously.

It depends on the model:

  • BATMTwo, BATMTwoUltra and BATMTwoPro: 20W (10W in idle state)
  • BATMThree and BATMFour: 40W (130W in peak - stacking banknote)

All of our machines have a one-year warranty. Don't be afraid about the time after the warranty. We have spare parts ready for all our machines ever produced since 2013.

Purchase & Shipping

The machines are developed, manufactured, and tested with the highest precision and quality in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe.

We ship all our Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs from the Czech Republic, EU.

The price depends on the model and selected configuration. To get an idea of how much your purchase will cost, you can configure your desired machine with the product configurator on our website.

Shipping is possible in almost every country worldwide. There are only a few exceptions: We don't sell to or ship to Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or the region of Crimea.

In general, yes. Every individual or operator can purchase from us, and we sell only directly. There is just a little exception: We don't sell to people or companies connected to the casino/gambling business.

No, we don't offer anything like this, which is not planned for the future. 

Lead and production times depend on the current factory load, warehouse stock, and configuration selected. Once you have configured your machine, you can contact our Sales department. They will contact the factory and ask for a lead time for your specific configuration. The shipping of the BATMTwo and BATMTwoPro usually takes 1-2 weeks. For the BATMThree and BATMFour, it can take up to 4 weeks.

The shipping pricing depends on the product. You can check it out on our website or by contacting our Sales department.

  • The BATMTwo head is free of charge.
  • The shipping fee for the BATMTwo Standard Stand and Stand with the printer is 249 USD.
  • The fees for the BATMTwo Pro stand are calculated individually based on the final delivery address.
  • The fees for the BATMThree and BATMFour are calculated based on the final delivery address.

VAT is not included in the price. For European customers, if you have a valid tax ID, we don't have to charge you VAT on top of the price.

  1. Choose the model and configuration for the BATM you want.
  2. Submit the order on our website.
  3. Our sales team will reply to you within 24 hours during our office hours and send you our License and Sales agreements.
  4. We will issue you an invoice based on the signed agreements.
  5. After receiving the payment, we will move your order to our production factory.
  6. We will send the order to you as soon as possible.

You can pay by wire transfer or in BTC/LTC.

Yes, it is possible to pay in two halves. The first payment must be made once you receive the invoice, and the second one before your order is shipped.

No, the import duties are not included in the shipping. The customer has to take care of the customs clearance and pay the import taxes. The HS Code for our product is 8472.90.1000, CO: CZ.

We charge our customers monthly fees for using our software and support services.

On Standalone server - License Fee:

  • 0-5 machines: 10 USD/month/organization + Support fee: 10 USD/machine/month
  • 6-999 machines: 0.25% machines turnover/month/organization + Support fee: 10 USD/machine/month

(Pricing effective from 1st of Sept 2019)

For Operators

  • The legal framework to get advice on the regulatory bases of the country you would like to operate the machine at
  • Price of the machine, shipping, taxes and installation
  • Rent of the space where the BATM is placed
  • Power and Internet connection
  • Server and Support Fees
  • Cash Collection and Customer Support services (optional)
  • Other

We only manufacture the machines and create a software ecosystem, a powerful toolset for starting a Bitcoin ATM business. You can visit our YouTube channel, where you will find guided videos on how to install them.

We cannot advise customers if operating a Cryptocurrency ATM in their country is legal. The operator should always consult with an attorney who can properly guide them on the regulations in their area and make sure this is completely set up before the purchase.

Yes, BATM operators need a bank account to operate their machines. This might be complicated, given the banking sector's lack of support for the “Bitcoin business.” When you talk to the bank, you may find our Anti Money Laundering Features document helpful.

You have to make sure that your machine is located not only in an accessible spot but also somewhere your customers can quickly return to. The most common and popular locations for BATMs are restaurants, airports, cafes, malls, and offices. It may be necessary to try several locations within the first year to see which one works best for you. Here are some location tips in our guide on starting a Bitcoin ATM business in 15 steps.

The first step before buying a BATM is to have a business plan. Once you know how to operate your business, you should calculate its profitability. CoinATMRadar provides a Bitcoin ATM profitability calculator, which can help you get a better idea of your return on investment (ROI).

To comply with local AML/KYC demands, the Operator may request and/or require several pieces of customer information. We support the following validation methods: Cell Phone Number, Selfie, SSN, ID Card Scan, Fingerprint Scan, Email, Name, and Third-party validation (Integrations).

Integrations (optional)

WhaleBooks.com is an accounting software created with tight cooperation from GENERAL BYTES. This synergy enables us to deliver business intelligence software to investors, blockchain, and crypto companies in a very smart and intuitive way. Your entire BATM fleet can be easily integrated.

Morphis® is a leading global supplier of currency supply chain solutions. Its portfolio of cash management software products is used today by central banks, depository institutions, armored carriers, card issuers, ATM/POS ISOs, transaction processors, and BPO shops worldwide.

Some operators prefer to use a third-party service to onboard new clients. For that reason, GENERAL BYTES now counts with the support of Onfido. Onfido is a third-party service that allows operators to automate the onboarding process of verifying the identity of their clients. Not only will it save them time, but it will also satisfy the needs of regulators in some jurisdictions.

ChainAnalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) detects many patterns of risky activity, from darknet markets and scams to sanctioned addresses and anomalous transactions. Covers 90% of all cryptocurrency activity. Use the real-time KYT API to prevent withdrawals to blacklisted addresses and freeze deposits from hacks, scams, and ransomware.


Our offices are in Bradenton, Florida, USA, and Prague, Czech Republic. Technical support is provided during our office hours.

We only manufacture the machines; we do not operate them. If you have any problems with any of your transactions, you should always contact the machine's operator.

To find the company's contact details that operate the BATM, you can locate the machine on CoinATMRadar and then contact the operator.

A Mobile Wallet is an app where you can store all your crypto information. There, you can access your private and public keys (and their respective QR codes), which you can scan at the BATM to transact. A mobile wallet's advantage is that it allows you to monitor other wallet addresses with a QR code. You should secure its accessibility as much as possible.

We support every customer who owns a GENERAL BYTES Bitcoin ATM, whether first- or second-handed. However, we don't support end customers using the machine; this part needs to be done by the operator.

The support includes access to the support ticket system and our entire knowledge base, where you can find step-by-step instructions for everything you need. In case of an emergency or critical question, you can contact our technical support team directly via phone. Your support PIN is in your GB Operator Profile. This is a PAID service.

How much does Support cost?
It depends on the type of server you are using:

  • GB Cloud - Support fee: 5 USD/machine/month
  • On Standalone server - Support fee: 10 USD/machine/month

Installing a wallet on your mobile phone before using the BATM will save you lots of time. If you don't know which wallet to install and can't figure it out, don't worry—the operator will provide you with some suggestions on-site.

When transacting at a BATM, you will be asked to scan your wallet. If you don't own a wallet you can always choose the option "Don't have a wallet?". Then, the machine screen will show you some QR codes you can scan to download the operator's preferred wallet.

Yes, at the BATM, you can select the option to check your wallet balance.

The transaction needs to be verified on the Blockchain. The wait might be longer depending on the number of transactions taking place and the chosen crypto. It usually takes a few minutes. If something happens wrong, please get in touch with the operator you made the transaction with.

No, when selling crypto, you always have to redeem the ticket using the same machine where the transaction was initiated.

You can visit our Bitcoin ATM locator which covers all the Bitcoin ATM locations worldwide.