Two-Way Bitcoin ATM To Become An Industry Standard, Here Is Why

Two-Way Bitcoin ATM To Become An Industry Standard, Here Is Why

With currently just over 7000 bidirectional machines installed in the USA, two-way Bitcoin ATMs (crypto-to-cash, cash-to-crypto) have a market share of over 23%. Outside of the USA and Canada, the situation is the opposite — two-way machines are in the majority. Europe is leading here; nearly 70% of all ATMs are two-way. All statistics are current as of June 2022, according to

21 Jun 2022

Many Bitcoin ATM operators already started to transform their unidirectional ATM business into bidirectional, and there are many strong arguments in favor of this transition.

Here are eight reasons why you should consider installing bidirectional ATMs instead of unidirectional ATMs:

1. Higher profit & increased ROI.

The simple and most vital point — the two-way Bitcoin ATM will increase the ROI of your business, and you will most likely provide you with better revenues over time.

According to our research in Prague, between March and May 2022, 2-way machines in top locations generated 33% more cash flow on SELL transactions than on BUY transactions, even considering the price went down by almost 40%. With the same fee rate for SELL and BUY transactions, 2-way machines could generate more than twice as much profit as one-way Bitcoin ATMs. The average number of SELL transactions is only 20% less than BUY, so you’ll have additional income from fixed fees if you use them.

Cash flow distribution of BUY and SELL transactions based on six-month data of three 2-way ATMs placed in the center of Prague. With near equal volumes of BUY and SELL transactions, the recycler allowed us to decrease visits for cash collecting by more than 80%.

2. Remember “∞/21M”. People will sell Bitcoin, no doubt.

Many people consider Bitcoin an investing and speculating instrument — they also need to fix profit. Although HODL is the best strategy, Bitcoiners need to cash out occasionally. Over 9 million Bitcoin Wallets contain over $1000 each, and nearly 19M Bitcoin addresses are active monthly. There will be enough demand for your Bitcoin ATMs in SELL transactions. With the right location and promotion, 2-way machines can be income-producing workhorses 24 hours a day.

The turnover of funds difference between one-way ATM and two-way ATM is significant; Cash flow in $, oct-dec 2021, march-may 2022.

3. Set up fee rates based on market conditions.

As a Bitcoin ATM operator, you can manage fee rates according to market conditions. Many operators, for example, have the same fee rates for SELL and BUY transactions. Additional fixed fees per transaction are applied as well. It’s up to you what fee strategy to use. The fact is that — you will earn your fees, no matter if it’s a purchase or selling.

4. No losses in case of volatility and conversions. Possibility for HODL.

You don’t need to hold all the crypto you received from end-users on your wallets. You can adjust your Bitcoin ATM management system for your needs — immediately sell received crypto on various exchanges, sell it at the end of the day with one transaction, or save some of your revenue in Bitcoin on your wallet for the HODLing strategy.

With the high-speed banknote recycler, BATMTwoUltra allows simultaneous dispensing of up to 15 bills. Right now, it’s the most functional and compact 2-way machine on the market.

5. When banknote recycler comes into play.

Use the full potential of the ATM — with a banknote recycler in your ATMs, you can save time and money. The recycler module enables your BATM to dispense banknotes inserted into the BATM by other customers. The machine can recycle up to 180 banknotes, depending on the model. Recycling increases the initial price of the Bitcoin ATM but reduces your visits to the ATM by up to 50%!

6. Increase the profit of your best locations.

Locate ATM spots with the highest revenue performance and replace one-way machines with new BATMTwoUltra, BATMThree, or BATMFour. That’s it — the revenue of these new 2-way ATMs should increase.

7. Let the men transact!

The free economy contains all kinds of transactions. Ideally, you can buy and sell whatever you want at any time. The same is true with the Bitcoin economy. If men want to buy paper money with Bitcoin, let them! If we help people buy Bitcoin, why don’t we help sell it?

8. Think in terms of the long game. ⛳

Considering all the above, ask yourself, what potential revenue will you generate with a unidirectional machine (only cash-to-crypto) compared to a bidirectional model (+ crypto-to-cash)? Do your research and ask market experts — to weigh the pros and cons! Remember that one does not simply update the one-way machine to bidirectional — it’s usually impossible.

Our advanced bidirectional Bitcoin ATMs are listed below:


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