2023 Unwrapped: Remarkable, Intensive, Epic!

2023 Unwrapped: Remarkable, Intensive, Epic!

2023 has been a year of changes, events, challenges, and achievements. Together with clients, we continued the global expansion and celebrated a remarkable milestone last year: now, more than 10,000 ATMs produced by GB are operated worldwide.

The horizon is shining with excitement as we prepare to unveil even more products and upgrades in the coming year. Let's quickly recap the 2023! 

04 Jan 2024

Leading the Way in the Global Bitcoin ATM Market

Last year marked a significant expansion for GENERAL BYTES amidst a challenging market. While other major players faced a reduction of over 6,000 ATMs, we witnessed our customers starting operations in more than 1,500 new locations worldwide. This impressive growth includes the installation of our Bitcoin ATMs and the deployment of hundreds of kiosks utilizing our GMKit conversion kits.

In a remarkable stride this year, GENERAL BYTES has solidified its position as the global market leader. Today, one in every three Bitcoin ATMs worldwide is a product of our innovation and dedication. Together with our customers, we hold nearly 33% of the market share, a testament to our prudent approach to growth and taking risks.

General Bytes Moments Of The 2023 Year: conferences, outdoor, celebration of 10th Anniversary

Our success is largely attributed to a strategy focused on diversification, autonomy, software reliability, and flexibility. It is also the fruit of tireless hard work by our team.

While the United States remains our largest market, we've also made significant inroads in Europe, South Asia, and Australia, where around 23% of our ATMs are installed. Our global presence allows us to experiment with new features in regions with more lenient regulations. A prime example is our recent collaboration in Switzerland, where we introduced ATMs with debit card readers.

Our philosophy revolves around attracting diverse, high-quality clients, earning their trust through a win-win approach, and fostering balanced relationships. Located in the heart of Europe, we leverage our prime location to extend our reach globally and manage our supply chain efficiently.

New countries with installed Bitcoin ATMs in 2023

We continuously innovate, producing various products to meet diverse needs and introducing at least one new product each year. We believe in constant evolution, as staying static is not an option for us or the dynamic environment in which we operate.

The current state of the global footprint

Our global presence has now reached an impressive milestone: ATMs powered by GENERAL BYTES software are operational in 10,840 locations worldwide. Here's a snapshot of our market share:

Americas: Capturing 28.3% of the market.
Europe: A dominant presence with a 56% market share.
Asia & Pacific: Leading the market with 85%, including an overwhelming 95.5% in Australia. 

This growth not only highlights our expanding global footprint but also reflects the trust and preference customers place in our technology and services.

Software Updates: A Year of Innovation and Enhanced Security

  • Focus on Security: This year, we channeled the lion's share of our development efforts into fortifying security.  It was our top priority, and now we are confident in the security of our products.
  • Revolutionized ATM Deployment: We've transformed how ATMs are set up. Our innovative deployment mechanism simplifies and accelerates installation, ensuring that our ATMs are operational quickly with enhanced security.
  • UI/UX Overhaul with ReactJS: Big news! We've overhauled our platform's UI/UX, leveraging ReactJS to boost performance. This upgrade means lightning-fast screen loads and a smoother purchase experience, even on older machines.
  • Advanced Anti-Scam Protection: In collaboration with Bitcoin ATM operators, we've intensified our focus on safeguarding end-user assets. Our new feature, YASPF (Yet Another Scam Protection Feature), adds an extra layer of security by verifying the ownership and control of the user's wallet during transactions.
  • Card Readers Integration in ATMs: The BATMFour and BATMThree models now boast a significant enhancement — credit/debit card acceptance. This feature, already operational in numerous Swiss ATMs, marks a significant milestone in our journey towards versatile and user-friendly ATMs.

GENERAL BYTES statistics for the 2023 year: new ATMs installed, installation rate, tickets solved

Let's notice some of the new features that have streamlined operations and boosted the satisfaction of Bitcoin ATM operators:

Expanded Currency Support: Our ATMs now embrace a wider market with the addition of the Honduran Lempira and Jamaican Dollar.
Enhanced Multilingual Accessibility: We've updated translations across languages, making our platform more user-friendly.
Audio Jack Support: In our commitment to accessibility, we've integrated support for audio jacks, widening the user base.
Mandatory VPN Usage for Enhanced Security: To ensure top-tier security, the use of a VPN is now a requisite for terminal operations. (OpenVPN client compatibility is enabled, too)
Streamlined Customer Registration: We've automated end-user registration for those already verified by external providers like Veriff.
Voice OTP for Withdrawals: Adding another layer of convenience, customers can now receive One-Time Passwords (OTPs) via voice calls when phone-based withdrawals are enabled.
Identity Verification Update: In line with our commitment to transparency and collaboration, identity verification providers are now integrated into our open-source Extensions.
Terminal Configuration Templates: Operators can now swiftly create terminal templates based on existing configurations, significantly speeding up setup and customization processes at scale.

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A Year of User-Driven Improvements for WhaleBooks

Last year was all about evolving whalebooks.com with your valuable input. We rolled out dozens of practical features, such as advanced transaction filtering, customizable labels, or dynamic currency pairs. Working closely with accountants, we've made it easier to track deposits and withdrawals in accounting reports, ensuring smoother integration with your favorite accounting tools. Plus, we've added support for tracking rewards like staking, with different valuation methods to align with various tax residency regulations. We focused on making WhaleBooks more user-friendly. With improved keyboard navigation, moving through the platform is now a breeze. All these updates mean managing your crypto transactions is now simpler and more intuitive. And there's more on the horizon! We're gearing up to introduce compatibility with diverse accounting platforms, more detailed cryptocurrency payment records, and expanded options for setting tax rules. Stay tuned — follow the official telegram channel!

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On behalf of the team, we wish you a wonderful New Year!

The very same team that has brought Android and blockchain technology to thousands of unexpected places in just ten years and will also bring something surprisingly new in the coming year!

Let's bring Bitcoin to new and unexpected places!

Stay tuned!

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