GENERAL BYTES 2022 highlights

GENERAL BYTES 2022 highlights

It was an exciting and productive year for the GENERAL BYTES, which showed that we could cope with challenges on the way, move quickly and be flexible in adapting to market conditions. We are grateful to all our customers for their trust and cooperation, and we will continue to do everything in our power to keep helping them reach new horizons.

30 Dec 2022

2023 will mark GB’s 10th anniversary. It is quite a long path, although it feels like the journey is about to begin. :)) Next year, we will continue developing relationships with partners, clients, and within the team. GENERAL BYTES will endeavour for sustainable growth, credibility, and leadership. We hope you all had a good year and managed to cope with all the challenges 2022 threw at you. We appreciate your attention to our company and Bitcoin-related industries. Stay tuned.

Now, some numbers and updates from 2022.


2022 was a year of conferences, and we could finally present our products, team, and values to the world in person. GENERAL BYTES and WhaleBooks have attended conferences worldwide during seven events on three continents! We had a great time, gaining a good deal of experience and valuable contacts. We invite you next year to visit the biggest European Bitcoin gathering held in Prague, our home city, during the BTC Prague event from June 8–10th ??. There will be a showroom with all products we’ve ever developed. Don’t miss out!

New products

This year, we presented two new products — a new bidirectional Bitcoin ATM and a conversion kit for GM Universal kiosks.

New ATMs are already in operation around the planet. The BATMTwoUltra is a 2-way model, both functional and compact, designed to be a perfect fit for any location. It offers bidirectional operations using the latest cash recycler technology called BNR, with banknote dispensing up to 15 banknotes at once. With an increased input capacity and a recycler on board, your cash collection visits to the ATM could decrease by up to 50% — it saves money.

We presented the GMKit in the middle of December, and some ATM operators are already testing their upgraded kiosks with the GB ecosystem on board. The GMKit is suitable for both 1-way or 2-way configurations of your GM universal kiosk. Upgrading your GM kiosk with the GMKit is relatively easy and can be done on-site. It will save Bitcoin ATM operators up to 75% on fees (!) compared to the original kiosk software provider, improving your competitiveness and bottom line as an ATM operator.

EveryTrade rebranded to WhaleBooks

Let us remind you that is a robust accounting and tax calculation tool for companies and traders of all sizes who operate with cryptocurrencies. This year the team did an impressive job and presented many great features. Now you can track all your crypto transactions, calculate taxes and do accounting for companies with unprecedented precision.

ATM cloud management platform updates and features

Our core strength remains the ability to produce hardware and software without outsourcing. Both departments work in very tight cooperation with each other. Last quarter we developed and brought to market the GMkit from scratch. You may remember that we already made a conversion kit for the first Bitcoin ATMs in the world, Robocoin ATMs. More ATM operators can now choose which platform to run their businesses on.

This year we’ve implemented more than 180 new features and improvements into the GB ecosystem, server-side and safety enhancements, UI rewrite, and new functionalities. It became faster and more secure.

Some of the other updates we made this year:

  • Operators can now collect user emails for marketing purposes.
  • Support for CipherTrace Traveler and Veriff Identity helps to keep your machines compliant and relevant.
  • Sell transactions can now be checked against the blocked address list, for example, Chainalysis or Ciphertrace.
  • BNR support for BATMTwoUltra machines, saving you up to 50% on cash collection trips.
  • And more..

As always, you can be up to date in our telegram channel.

#️2022 in numbers

On behalf of the team, we wish you a wonderful and peaceful 2023!

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