GENERAL BYTES 2021 End of Year Update

GENERAL BYTES 2021 End of Year Update

It was an outstanding year for the GENERAL BYTES team. We achieved several milestones, made dozens of great improvements, and started to work on something new.

21 Dec 2021

Hello beloved customers, followers and fellows, crypto enthusiasts and friends!

Yes, it was another Covid year, but we handled it well and will be pushing forward even harder, better, stronger, and faster.. You know the words. Keep following, and you will definitely hear some great news from us in the new year 2022!

We continue expanding our team with the best experts in our offices in Prague and Bradenton. We keep researching and expanding our vision to provide the best services you need.

50 amazing people work in GENERAL BYTES team

Now, some numbers and updates from 2021.

Customer happiness and increased sales ✨

Our customers, as always, are in the first place. We are grateful for their trust, patience, curiosity, and feedback. The market of crypto ATMs more than doubled this year, thanks to epic growth in the USA. This year, we sold more bitcoin machines than ever before! 

GENERAL BYTES SOLD OVER 11500 ATMs in over 60 countries

The results show that customers trust our hardware and software ecosystem. Flexible settings, nice design, good ergonomics, viable prices, and perfect reliability make us a market leader in the crypto machines industry.

Our procurement department has done a great job this year. The chip shortage and global supply crisis have bypassed us, so we have enough parts to meet your ATM needs next year.

ATM + CAS ecosystem ?

We believe our ecosystem is the best that operators could afford on the market. Being responsible for both hardware and software, we can make the best product so that you can manage your Crypto ATM business most flexibly. Some of what we've done this year:

  • Implemented new integrations with different exchanges
  • It became easier for you to support third-party software. For example, you can connect Onfido to the CAS or implement an API connection with and Morphis.
  • Now, you can make promotions for your end-users and provide them discounts on commissions.
  • We reimplemented support for Bitcoin Lightning using LNURL
  • Improved performance to handle more than 10 000 ATMs by one server
  • Added integration with Jira Service Desk

As always, we add features, fix bugs, release stable patches, destroy borders, and handle problems at a fast pace.

new lines of code added in 2021 by GENERAL BYTES and every

This year, the team of our promising product has expanded. We implemented many useful features for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios, tax calculations, and crypto accounting. If you haven't used it yet, try our free subscription! It's perfect for crypto ATM operators, accountants, small investors, professional traders, and investment companies.

Features added this year:

  • Now, you can find a certified accountant to help you handle taxation!
  • EveryTrade software got audited by Grant Thornton consulting,
  • Implemented Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin blockchains connectors,
  • New crypto pairs and Coinbase API implemented,
  • Added support for tracking transfers between wallets and exchanges,
  • New synchronization and login options,
  • Now you can view your portfolios in VR, just for fun :)

Remember, if you are the operator of GENERAL BYTES ATMs, you can participate in our affiliate program! Contact us: for more details and to sign up.

Crypto News and 'Hi' to Community

A lot of news has come from the crypto community this year. There are no reasons to list them all, but let's note several:

  • 90% of Bitcoins are already mined,
  • NFT fever occupies minds,
  • China regulated a ban on the digital trade market,
  • El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as an official.

Whether regulations are improving or not, we can adjust to any changes. In the new year, we'll monitor developments and look to new markets. We are excited about the coming 2022, and you?


Let’s hope next year will be more benevolent and friendly for traveling. So keep safe yourself, keep your software updated, and let’s finally see each other on Bitcoin 2022 in Miami! ?

GENERAL BYTES pre-Christmas party :)

Holiday guide for the most attentive and patient

  • Gather family or friends,
  • Think about all the sweet memories you had this year,
  • Covid and other problems – let them go!
  • Take a deep breath, relax, and take it easy..
  • After all, have fun! You deserve it.
  • Happy holidays and Happy 2022!


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