6000 ATMs SOLD!

6000 ATMs SOLD!

6000 ATMs sold to date! It's hard to believe but we only just recovered from the 5000 Bitcoin ATMs sold milestone and we already passed the 6000 machines number! Another huge milestone for the cryptocurrency industry and a sign the bull market is really picking up again! It only took us 2 months to sell 1000 ATMs this time!

13 Dec 2020

All of us at GENERAL BYTES are currently seeing an uptick in the number of machines sold, interest in the cryptocurrency industry by institutional investors, and interest from the general public in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and wanted to thank our clients, the ATM operators, our partners like coinatmradar.com and those from the media for the trust they put into our company and we will continue to work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

We have recently launched a USA warehouse sale to celebrate our recent milestone of 5000 machines sold and will continue to offer this sale until the warehouse is empty. For our clients based in the USA, this is an excellent opportunity to get our flagship BATMFour model at low shipping fees and no customs broker fees. Read all about it in our recent newsletter and make sure you subscribe if you are not yet on the list!

It took us 4 years to sell the first 1000 machines, another 13 months to sell the 2000th machine, 11 months to sell the 3000th machine, 7 months to sell the 4000th machine, 4 months to sell the 5000th ATM, and only 2 months to reach that magical 6000 number!

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