XXL Summer Sale

BATMThree XXL+ Summer Sale

BATMThree XXL+ Summer Sale

05 Jul 2019

The GB XXL summer sale is here!

This is your chance to claim $500 discount on any BATMThree XXL+ ATM!*

Are you ready for the next crypto bull-run? You will be with the BATMThree XXL+, added to your network.

Equipped standard with a massive 2200 bills capacity banknote acceptor, a generous 1000 banknotes dispenser (2*500 notes), NFC wallet dispenser mechanism and an industry standard, code-lock safe for extra security, this is the perfect machine for your high volume locations like stations, malls, airports, etc.

In addition to running the industry's most popular BATM/CAS platform, the BATMThree XXL+ comes with a code-lock safe that is the preferred lock by many cash collection companies globally so a good and future proof machine for your network and a great way to provide an audit trail built right into the lock! 

To claim your BATMThree XXL+ discount, just head over to the BATMThree product page, add the XXL+ model to your cart and follow the instructions on our checkout page. 

*This is a limited time offer and valid while supplies last. We are selling directly from stock (no lead time!) while supplies last. Once our warehouse stock is depleted, this sale will be over. 

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