The BATMTwo series now has a 10-inch touchscreen!

The BATMTwo series now has a 10-inch touchscreen!

GENERAL BYTES upgraded the BATMTwo models with a permanent screen upgrade! The 7-inch touch screen is now a 10-inch screen, and all newly ordered BATMTwo ATMs will ship with this seamless and more ergonomic touchscreen.

11 Feb 2022

The new 10" screen on the BATMTwo offers ATM operators more space for branding with their favorite screensavers and offers increased user-friendliness for vision-impaired end-users. It now has an increased viewing angle that makes it easier to navigate even under the most extreme light conditions!

Look at this beautiful BATMTwo


Prices of BATMTwo start from $3,649 to $4,977 depending on the configuration.

BATMTwo Price Configurator

And now look at the BATMTwoPro


Prices of BATMTwoPro start from $4,799 to $5,799 depending on the configuration. The main difference is that BATMTwoPro comes with CASH STAND, which provides a higher security standard than a bill acceptor in the head unit, as BATMTwo has. Cash is inserted by customer directly into stand that is made from 3mm iron.

BATMTwoPro price configurator

Yes, these famous yellow devices you can purchase right now!

We wanted to thank all our customers and fans for their continued trust and feedback over the past years, as without them, none of the improvements would have been possible. That is the first of the big product updates we prepared for you this year. Stay tuned!

Oh, wait a second.. LAST CALL for ordering BATMTwo series with 7" display at the old prices!
We have really few left in stock. ✌️


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