New two-way machine

New two-way machine

BATMThree Bitcoin ATM

01 Mar 2015


BATMThree Bitcoin ATM

Bidirectional (cash to crypto, crypto to cash)
Distributes coins from wallet or crypto exchange
Bitcoin Store integrated
Eye catching design
Color changing neons dragging attention of people walking by
Highly secure
Industrial quality
Remotely manageable and upgradable
Best value/price on the market with fast ROI
Minimum maintenance provided by banknote recycler
Server software for free
No recurring expenses – once you pay, it’s yours
Multicurrency support
Extensible with Open API
AML/KYC integrated(Fingerprint or SMS)


Bidirectional: cash to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to cash

Supported cryptocurrencies: BTC (Bitcoin), LTC(Litecoin), DOGE(Dogecoin) and more...

Extensible: You can implement support for any coin with Open API

Bitcoin Store integrated

  • Offer customers ability to order and pay for products with bitcoin
  • Place the machine into shopping mall and offer products to walking by customers
  • Offer manufacturers to place their products on your bitcoin store
  • Payments are processed automatically

Highly secure solution:

  • Terminal communicates with the server via HTTPS
  • Server communicates with cryptocurrency exchange, Hot Wallet and Bitcoin network

No volatility risks

  • Purchases are made on cryptocurrency exchange at the time of the cash insertion
  • Sells are made on cryptocurrency exchange at the time of payment arrival.
  • Exchange rate is updated every 30 seconds
  • Supported exchanges: See table bellow.
  • Supported hot wallets: See table bellow

Remote management and monitoring

  • Terminal configuration is retrieved from the server.
  • Configuration and possibilities on the server: Online status, current cash box contains, exchange rate, cash transaction limits (per hour, per day, per month), customer behavior, performed transactions and their status.
  • Email or SMS notifications regarding certain events such as when transactions are performed or when a certain level of cash in the terminal has been reached.

Remote software upgrade

  • Future software updates are distributed over the internet without need of user intervention.


  • Unique customers can be optionally tracked by fingerprint reader or SMS.
  • Customers can register using their fingerprint or SMS and id card scan to increase their cash limits.





Model Features
BATMThreeL Banknote Recycler(600+2x60 banknotes)
BATMThreeM Banknote Acceptor(600) + Banknote Dispenser(2x500 banknotes)
BATMThreeXL Banknote Recycler(600+2x60 banknotes) + Banknote Dispenser(2x500 banknotes)
BATMThreeS Banknote Acceptor(600 banknotes) (NOT BIDIRECTIONAL)

Supported exchanges


Exchange Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Supported hot wallets


Wallet Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bitcoind Yes
Litecoind Yes
Dogecoind Yes Yes




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