BATMTwo Stand

The BATMTwo Stand turns your BATMTwo into a free-standing ATM

Introducing the BATMTwo ATM Stand, fits any BATMOne or BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM sold since 2013!

15 Nov 2016

Bradenton, Florida: Bitcoin ATM manufacturer GENERAL BYTES announced availability of a new stand for the BATMTwo model Bitcoin ATM.

The BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM is a wall-mounted, unidirectional (one-way) Bitcoin ATM model from GENERAL BYTES and with the newly released BATMTwo Stand, this model can now be transformed into a free-standing ATM model.

Because of its compact size, the BATMTwo model has been known to generate one of the highest sales per square foot of any Bitcoin ATM currently on the market. For this reason the BATMTwo has been a popular model among retailers with limited floor space, where sales per square foot are under constant pressure, but up until now the only place to mount the BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM was on a wall.

“Bitcoin ATM owners and operators repeatedly asked us for more mounting options and the BATMTwo Stand provides a stylish way to do this. We listen to our customers and we are happy to implement their ideas. This stand was actually designed by one of our customers James Eads from” says Karel Kyovsky, CEO at GENERAL BYTES.

“The stand is considered a welcome addition for most BATMTwo owners and will offer them more flexibility in finding suitable locations for their BATM units.” says Martijn Wismeijer, Marketing Manager at GENERAL BYTES.

Some of the key features of the new Bitcoin ATM stand:

  • Cable lock loop inside the BATMTwo Stand allows the operator to secure the ATM using a chain at locations where drilling is not possible, allowed or desirable. (trade-shows, historical buildings, temp leases, etc.)
  • For added security, the stand comes with mounting holes to securely bolt the ATM to the floor using a resin anchor at permanent locations.
  • The design and color match the BATMTwo range and complement the existing design of the BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM.
  • No more messy cables to hide as the BATMTwo Stand hides power and network cables out of sight.
  • Locked door on the back of the ATM gives the operator some extra storage space for spare promotional materials like brochures and business cards.
  • The BATMTwo Stand has the same neutral finish as the BATMTwo and offers ample space for owners to apply their own branding.
  • The BATMTwo Stand is compatible with any BATMOne and BATMTwo produced to date. (since December 2013)

For more information on delivery times and to obtain a shipping quote, visit the BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM product page




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