BATMTwo L price reduction!


New lower price on BATMTwo Large (L) ATM model!

16 Apr 2018


Yes, you've read that correctly! We managed to permanently reduce the price of the BATMTwo Large (BATMTwo L) model. This larger BATMTwo model comes with a cash acceptor that holds 1200 banknotes, twice the capacity of the original BATMTwo (BATMTwo Classic), and will, therefore, half the number of "cash collection" trips to the ATM, increasing the bottom line for the ATM operator.

We will keep selling the BATMTwo Classic model, but we learned that reducing the number of trips to an ATM is an easy way to increase profits, and the new BATMTwo L (BATMTwo Large) is ideal for those 'not so close to the office locations because of this. In general, you can say that the further the ATM is away from your office location, the more profitable the BATMTwo L will be compared to the BATMTwo Classic as it cuts the number of cash calls by half.

Unfortunately, the larger 1200 notes capacity acceptor did not fit in the BATMTwo Classic case, so the BATMTwo Large case is a little larger in size. as a consequence, we will be unable to offer a BATMTwo Classic to BATMTwo Large upgrade, so choose wisely!

For more information and to order, visit BATMTwo product page.

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