4000 ATMs sold!

4000 ATMs sold!

We are stoked! The counter hit 4000 ATMs sold to date, The 4000th ATM will be installed in Canada and is the 1000th ATM we've sold in only 7 months time!

07 Jun 2020

We have recently sold our 4000th Bitcoin ATM. The 4000th ATM is a 2-way BATMThree Bitcoin ATM and will be shipped to Canada.

It took us 6 years to sell the first 3000 but only 7 months to grow from 3000 to 4000 ATMs... So fast that we had to check the counter twice because we could not believe our eyes when we saw it hit 4000! We are humbled...

Thank you all for your support and continuous feedback, it is what keeps us going here at GENERAL BYTES.

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