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Pioneering Bitcoin ATMs in Hong Kong

The company launched its foray into the Bitcoin ATM industry in the dynamic city of Hong Kong in 2018. The first location to place Bitcoin ATM was strategically selected to offer maximum accessibility to a wide range of users, embodying the decentralized and universal essence of cryptocurrency.

“Those initial months were a blend of exhilaration, learning, and innovation. Positioned at the nexus of technology and finance, we found ourselves processing Bitcoin transactions and educating individuals about this groundbreaking digital currency. The influx of new faces, curious inquiries, and increasing transactions reinforced our belief in the immense potential of Bitcoin.”

As the cryptocurrency landscape matured, so did the strategic vision of the CoinUnited team. The first location, the birthplace of their journey, now remains operational. It stands as a testament to the roots and continued commitment to serving the customers in Hong Kong.

“In 2020, forged a key partnership with GENERAL BYTES, marking a milestone in our progression. The introduction of GB's reliable and robust Bitcoin ATMs considerably enhanced the service offerings, delivering a seamless and secure transactional experience for users in Hong Kong and around the world. Joining the GB family has given us countless memorable moments. We've seen a wide array of customers, from tech-savvy youth to older individuals, intrigued by the digital currency revolution. Seeing their reactions upon completing their first Bitcoin transaction on our Bitcoin ATM - joy, fascination, sometimes even awe - has been immensely rewarding.”

In summary,'s journey has been a vibrant mix of experiences, growth, and constant evolution. Every day, they are one step closer to the goal of unlocking the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin for more people through ATMs. The ongoing relationship between the two companies has been a pivotal part of this exciting journey.

Embracing the Future of Digital Currencies in the Bitcoin ATM Business

What attracted to the Bitcoin ATM business was the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As many of our clients, they saw in Bitcoin and other digital currencies a new financial frontier, one that could democratize access to financial services and empower individuals in ways previously unimagined. It was an opportunity to contribute to a truly groundbreaking industry that was poised to reshape the global economic landscape.

However, starting the business back in 2018 was by no means a straightforward task. Cryptocurrencies were still a novel concept to many, often surrounded by a fog of uncertainty and misunderstanding. A significant part of the initial effort involved not just providing a service but also educating potential customers about the value and operation of digital currencies.

Regulatory complexities, ensuring compliance, procuring reliable hardware, and establishing trust within a new market - these were all challenges that we needed to overcome. But people at were driven by the vision of making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accessible to all.

Why did choose the Bitcoin/crypto business? The answer lies in their belief in the future of digital currencies. They saw a unique convergence of technology, finance, and societal change in this industry. The opportunity to be part of a movement that could redefine financial systems while creating meaningful societal impact was something that found incredibly compelling.

The hurdles they faced and continue to face in this industry are real, but they have only strengthened the resolve and equipped the team with invaluable experience. The journey, though challenging, has been extremely rewarding, and they remain committed to providing accessible, user-friendly Bitcoin ATMs to users around the world.

Optimizing Operations: Benefits from General Bytes' Advanced ATM Features

The features that significantly improve their ability to operate machines include General Bytes' remote management software and real-time status updates. The remote management software allows the monitoring and control of ATMs from any location efficiently. This has been instrumental in managing CoinUnited's expanding network of machines, ensuring they are in optimal working condition and delivering the best service to customers.

In addition, the real-time status updates provide immediate alerts if a machine is running low on cash or experiencing technical difficulties. This allows the team to proactively address any issues, reducing downtime and ensuring a smooth user experience.

“We also appreciate the high level of customization that GB offers. From transaction limits to fee settings and compliance parameters, we have the flexibility to tailor our operations to suit our business model and regulatory environment.

Our satisfaction with GB extends beyond their product features. We have been particularly impressed by their customer support team, which is responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping us resolve any issues that arise. This, combined with their regular software updates and commitment to innovation, makes us feel valued as a customer and confident in the longevity of our partnership.

In essence, the robust functionality, high degree of customization, reliable customer service, and constant innovation are why is particularly satisfied with General Bytes as our Bitcoin ATM manufacturer.'s Journey with GENERAL BYTES: Quality, Innovation, and Trust

“The relationship with General Bytes has brought numerous benefits to, spanning product quality, ecosystem development, and network effects.

One of the primary advantages lies in the superior quality and reliability of GB's machines. They are robust, user-friendly, and come with a high level of customizability that allows us to cater to the unique needs of our customers and the regulations of our operating regions. This, combined with cutting-edge security features, ensures that we can deliver a seamless and secure transaction experience to our users.

The ecosystem that GB has built around its products is another significant advantage. This includes extensive documentation, regular software updates, and an active community of operators who share their experiences and insights. This ecosystem fosters continuous learning, enabling us to keep up-to-date with industry trends, overcome operational challenges, and continually improve our service offerings.

Moreover, GB's reputation in the industry lends credibility to our business. Being associated with a well-known and respected brand like General Bytes has helped us build trust with our customers and partners.

Lastly, GB's commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with our vision at Their ongoing development efforts ensure that we can keep pace with the rapidly evolving crypto market, offering our customers the latest and best in Bitcoin ATM technology.
Overall, our relationship with General Bytes has been a key driver of our success and growth in the Bitcoin ATM market. We greatly value the strong partnership we've built and look forward to achieving even greater milestones together.”

Your One-Stop Destination for Bitcoin ATMs and Crypto Trading

In addition to Bitcoin ATM operations, also operates a cryptocurrency trading platform. This platform allows users to trade perpetual contracts with leverage up to 888x, providing a powerful tool for experienced traders to capitalize on the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. What makes this trading platform distinctive is its intuitive interface, robust security measures, and a wide range of available cryptocurrencies. Traders can make the most out of market movements with 24/7 trading availability. Additionally, they offer various educational resources to help users understand and navigate the complexities of leveraged trading.

Whether you are buying your first Bitcoin from one of our ATMs or trading crypto with high leverage, strives to be your trusted partner in navigating the world of digital currencies. Bitcoin ATM map

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