A beautiful collection of hand-pulled screen prints by Cypherpunk Now, the Serigraphy Printing and Design Studio in Prague.


Martin Fischer

These screen-printed works of cryptoart by Martin Fischer are individually printed and will bring style and class to every HODLer's home or office.

Martin Fischer's ideas are first created in a sketchbook, then painted into a collage after which they are digitally colored and prepared for printing. The results are separated into individual color layers, which are then printed on a transparent film. The layers are then light-transferred to the screens. The whole process takes place in the Cypherpunk Now studio in Prague.

Each artwork is signed and numbered by the author, comes with a digital Blockchain certificate of authenticity (!), and the confirmation of ownership transfer to you will be recorded on the Blockchain within 24 hours of payment. The price of the artwork also includes delivery by UPS, you will receive your poster within a few days.

For a list of available works visit the Pictures tab of this product listing or click the Features tab for more information on each of the artworks. To order, just select the desired artwork and follow the instructions to checkout.

Order fulfilment for these artworks is handled by the artist himself at Because of this, artworks will be shipped separately from your regular ATM orders.