Pricing for GENERAL BYTES CAS software

Server will automatically start issuing every month invoices to operators. First issued invoice will be for September 2019. Invoices for September onwards will be generated regardless of the server upgrade date. More information about the CAS software can be find on the product website here.


Initial Fee to obtain a License Key:

The first license you get for 1 USD, additional license fee per server license is 99 USD.


On Cloud (hosted service by GENERAL BYTES):

License fee 0-1000 machines = 0.5% machines turnover/month/organization.
Support fee = 5 USD/machine/month.


On Standalone server (hosted by the customer):

License fee 0-5 machines = 10 USD/month/organization.
                    6-500 machines = 0.25% machines turnover/month/organization.
Support fee = 10 USD/machine/month.


Pricing is effective from 1th of November 2019.